Together we grow. 

At Mycelium Network (MyNet) we are dedicated to developing a socially responsible Web3 ecosystem with a focus on community and cooperation.

MyNet as an ecosystem will commence with a unique approach to Decentralised Finance (DeFi), focussing on social responsibility and supporting crucial social causes around the world.  

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Striving towards our collective goals through decentralisation.

Through a moral and reliable system, our overarching goal is a world where everyone’s basic needs are met and everyone is able to focus on realising their goals and potential. 

We recognise that this goal cannot be achieved by a centralised global technocracy. We are striving towards creating a democratic and decentralised system which is strengthened by participation from communities and individuals to achieve our collective goals.

MyNet, at its core, represents a platform that aims to empower people and facilitate a real, long-lasting structural change to society.

MyNet’s flagship projects are two innovative DeFi protocols that are driven by an ethos of social growth.

We at MyNet want to be a part of the creation of a new global financial system that addresses the problems that exist in the current financial system. We will start with two flagship projects that will enhance the traditional model within DeFi, while sharing our collective growth with important social causes around the world.

True equality means empowernment.

MyNet is working towards building a platform which facilitates true equality. Equality of opportunity cannot be practically implemented without acceptance that some face hurdles which are not present for others. We understand that due to current socio-economic systems, there are people who have equal ability but not equal opportunity.

We will address socio-economic issues by empowering people to enact greater agency in the areas they wish to change, allowing more focus on the pursuit of their passions and ambitions without unnecessary distractions.

Long term, MyNet strives to be the socially responsible Web3 ecosystem.

Our long term goal with MyNet is to extend our cooperative network across various domains, going beyond financial matters. Our ambition is to empower and support individual people, their ideas and passion projects, as well as artists in different circumstances.

Because, as we see it, people’s visions are too valuable for us all to merely remain abstract ideas.