Shaping the Future of Web3 Through Circular Design

Join us in nurturing a Circular Society and Economy, where technology and nature coexist in harmony.

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Circularity is at the heart of Mycelium Network, driving our pursuit of a sustainable and inclusive digital ecosystem. We embrace circular principles to counteract the limitations of linear models, emphasizing social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Our ultimate aim is to foster a Circular Society, setting the groundwork for a Circular Economy, reshaping how we interact, share, and thrive within the Web3 space.

Our Projects


Experience the innovation of MyChance, a project pioneering risk-free investment opportunities in the world of blockchain. Harnessing the principles of Circular Economy, MyChance offers the first-ever fully refundable NFTs and the first-ever Global Prize Bond system.

This groundbreaking approach minimizes investment risk while offering exciting rewards, revolutionizing the blockchain space and setting new standards for user empowerment and sustainable financial practices.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

Mycelium Network partner Magic Square

Magic Square validation of My-Chance

Mycelium Network has been successfully validated on MagicSquare, a milestone that affirms our commitment to transparency, security, and reliability. As a validated project, we underscore our credibility and reassure our community that we adhere to the highest standards in the Web3 ecosystem. These strides strengthen our position in the digital economy and bring us closer to our vision of bridging Web3 with the world through circular design.

Mycelium Network partner Speilworks

Mycelium Network partnership with Spielworks

We're proud to announce our strategic partnership with Spielworks, the renowned blockchain gaming platform, as we've jointly developed an unprecedented Refundable NFT program, a milestone in the NFT landscape. Our collaboration has birthed the 'Reverties,' offering full refunds for NFT purchases, adding a layer of security and flexibility unseen before in the gaming and NFT space.

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